To: Yarrowood Homeowners                                                                           
From: Jack Taylor, association manager                                               
Re: Cold Weather Preparation, Maintenance   
Date: 09/16/08
With cold weather on its way, there are precautions a homeowner or resident can take. Damage to your own or other units can help be prevented by following a few basic steps:
1)      Where plumbing fixtures or pipes are near or in outside walls, please be certain these areas are kept warm to prevent pipes from freezing. When outside temperatures are below freezing, leave under-sink cabinet doors open so room heat can warm the plumbed areas. Also leave water trickling, both hot and cold. 
2)      During cold weather, please don’t completely shut off the heat when leaving your home. A thermostat setting of 55 degrees should keep your home adequately warm to prevent freezing problems. 
3)      Be extremely careful in the exterior common areas during cold weather. Ice and frost can be present on stairs ands walks, particularly during nights and mornings, so please be cautious. 
4)      In case of a power outage, there are a few essentials. Flashlights and a portable radio are useful. Please be certain to never bring a barbecue/gas grill into your unit as a source of light or heat; the fumes are very deadly, they can activate smoke/fire alarms and are a fire hazard.
Hot water tanks, washing machine hoses, dishwasher hoses, plumbing supply lines - - Owners are reminded to replace older hot water tanks. Many have manufacturing dates printed on them; if not, please consult a plumber to verify. If your water heater is over seven years old or shows any signs of rust or seepage, please replace it as soon as possible. Additionally, washing machine and dishwasher hoses are supply lines that do wear out and leak. Please check these hoses and replace as needed. Sink faucets and toilets have supply lines that require inspection and replacement as conditions dictate. These fixtures and supply lines are interior to your unit and are an owners' responsibility to maintain. Water damage can be very expensive to correct; preventive maintenance is comparatively economical.      
Thank you for your cooperation,
Jack Taylor, association manager
Yarrowood Board of Directors